Welcoming residents’ feedback on construction access

More than 50 local residents attended a drop-in event last week (Thursday 17 March) to discussconstruction access to Manydown. The event was organised by Urban&Civic as development manager, on behalf of the Manydown partnership.

Held at Sycamore Halls Community Centre in Winklebury, the event was an opportunity for the public to find out more about the development and for the team to answer questions on the ways they will seek to minimise any impact from the early phases of the development.

Rebecca Smith, communications, communities & partnerships for Urban&Civic at Manydown, said: “As part of our community engagement activity, we wanted to provide residents an opportunity to ask questions in relation to construction traffic and about Manydown more widely to help us better understand local issues and aspirations. We can use this local knowledge and experience to inform our development plans.

“This is an integral part of the partnership’s approach to building Manydown and ensuring that it is a place to be enjoyed by everyone. We had some really positive and productive discussions and would like to thank everyone who was able to attend.”

At the event, members of the public raised questions about how Manydown was going to be delivered, where the access points to the site were going to be built and how much extra traffic the work could cause.

Members of the team were able to share the methods which will be used to minimise disruption, which include:

  • providing clear route directions for construction traffic, with instructions not to use local residential roads
  • maintaining the free flow of vehicles on construction traffic routes through the implementation measures such as right turn filter lanes at dedicated construction traffic access points
  • the separation of construction traffic and works from our new and existing communities through the creation of separate entrances and use of temporary haul roads
  • start and finish times that fall outside of peak times
  • providing wheel washing for vehicles leaving site, minimising dirt and dust along construction traffic routes
  • a commitment to addressing issues promptly and provide clear points of contact

Residents were informed about Manydown’s phases of delivery, which will be defined so that construction activity is focused and managed and once a phase is complete, it is largely undisturbed by the next phase being constructed.