Keeping our local communities informed

We want to be as open as possible and share information as early as we can. We’ll use this page to provide updates on the development and our regular e-newsletter will launch soon, for people across the borough and beyond to stay informed about Manydown.

We are meeting with local parish councils, community groups and other interest groups, either virtually or face to face where possible, to better understand local issues and aspirations and use this local knowledge and experience to inform our development plans. This is an integral part of our approach to building Manydown and ensuring that it is a place to be enjoyed by everyone. If you are involved in a community group that we haven’t spoken to yet please contact us by email at and we can arrange a chat.

Community Calendar

  • Wootton St Lawrence Parish Council Meeting

    Monday 14 March - Ramsdell Village Hall, RG26 5SH

  • 4B BRAG (Buckskin Residents Action Group) meeting

    15 March - The Ridgeway Centre, RG22 5BW

  • Urban&Civic Development Manager Team Drop-in event for all residents

    17 March - 2 to 6:30pm - Sycamore Halls, Winklebury, RG23 8AB

Two-way conversations help make a community

We are planning to hold engagement opportunities with local residents in the coming months to enable us to hear from people we haven’t met yet. Because current circumstances mean that last minute changes are still a possibility, we will be keeping this page up to date and also updating our social channels.

Manydown Life Spring Newsletter

Our spring newsletter has been created to keep you up to date with the latest development news.